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The following comments are from film/TV Producers who are happy with my Unit Stills photography and how I operate on their production sets.

  Bobby Del Rio


"This is a testimonial and recommendation of Paula Brathwaite's work as a dedicated Unit Stills Photographer. She came upon the highest recommendation by another fellow filmmaker and director. We have worked together on several films.

Each of the films required various photographs of the productions and behind-the-scenes moments to use for documentation, online promotion and marketing. We contacted Paula to take these photographs on our sets. Paula's service and professionalism were outstanding. Her passion, creativity and attention to detail showed in every photo and was very impressive.

After each shooting day, Paula provided us with confidential, password-protected links to a website where we could review the photos. She also provided downloadable versions for us to use immediately. I was very happy with the turnaround time and her level of discretion in delivering the images to us.

I strongly endorse Paula for any photographic needs. She is always a pleasure to work with and her passion for the craft and respect for others she works with is very evident."

- Bobby Del Rio (Actor, Writer, Director, Producer)
'IRL: The Series' (web series)

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  Michael James Regan


"Paula is an outstanding unit stills photographer whom I met during the production of my crime/thriller, "Recall", and it is with great pleasure that I write this recommendation.

Paula is one of the most creative, driven, and detail-oriented photographers I have ever met. She has an incredible eye for film which translates into quality material. Her turnaround is lightning fast. She has a very strong work ethic and I highly recommend her for anyone looking for these qualities."

- Michael James Regan (Actor, Director and Producer) -- 'Recall'
Founder, Backlash Pictures

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  Matthew Willson


"I met Paula in 2015 when we needed an on set photographer and my colleague hired a photographer for one of our projects. That photographer was Paula!

Since our initial meeting, we don't even call anyone else.

Granted she is a wonderful photographer and a talented editor of her work, but above all, she is a charm to work with. She is always on time, she is very courteous, and very patient.

When making a movie, the last thing one needs is someone who is bothersome or "in the way". She always finds a way to blend into what's happening and seems to capture the feel and tone of the room. While we review the shots, it's also wonderful for submitting to film festivals but also to look at for continuity purposes while we're actually shooting.

As executive producer, I ALWAYS keep an eye on who's working and who's not working on the set that day. Paula is ALWAYS shooting.

What I love most about her work, is that she is a real finisher. Within 24 hours of wrapping the film, she has all the images sent to me complete. I WISH other people in this industry were as thorough, fast and organized as her.

On a non-work/personal level, I've only spent in total a handful of hours with her on set during lunch/dinner and she's a lovely, witty, charming person and very smart. She's very calm and thoughtful. Always listening to what others are saying.

In much simpler terms, Paula Brathwaite is a perfect fit for our team and I'm sure for others looking for a talented, well-motivated photographer as well."

- Matt Willson (Actor, Producer) -- 'Politics'
Founder, Willson Entertainment Productions

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  Natalie Dale


"Paula is one of those rare gems you find in the film industry that not only has the talent, but is an all around charismatic person to work with. I never have a moment of doubt when she is working on one of my film sets. Her creative eye and undeniable talent has resulted in her stills being used as the final film poster on more than one occasion.

She understands how to place talent and set up a scene to capture beautiful stills.

Paula's patience and enthusiasm always makes the day better. I highly recommend Paula to come out for your next shoot or event."

- Natalie Dale (Actor, Producer) -- 'Anna'
Founder, Daley Dose Films

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