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”More people will see the stills of the movie than they will ever actually see the movie; so stills are very important.”
~ David Puttnam


Combining my passion for performance photography with design knowledge, Unit Stills Photography became my ideal new career choice. I provide filmmakers and producers my services in unit stills production photography -- with a keen 'designer's eye'.

Having worked as a Print Production Designer for over 30 years, and as a Concert Photographer, I understand what is required to create publishable, high-impact photographs of performers -- vital for when marketing a project.  The role of a production unit stills photographer may sound simple; however it’s an in-depth and tasking job with many nuances and unknown facets.


While blending seamlessly with film and sound crews, keeping a respectful distance from the crew at work, I have the ability to work on set silently (through the use of a Sound Blimp) to maximize shooting angles to get that perfect shot. I enjoy working with actors to capture those key moments, as well as achieving unique 'behind-the-scenes' shots. Just as a film set is broken up into departments with specific responsibilities, departments are broken up into individuals with even more specific roles. The key Department Head already has a million things to be concerned with, and their mind must be clear to focus on those things. I am there to eliminate their concerns. When they give me a task, it should disappear completely from their mind because they know that I am 100% dedicated and completing it.

I produce images with strong visual and emotional impact, which will help sell the film, show or event.

Such images include:

  - the drama and intensity of a scene
  - tight closeups of actors' faces in character, reflecting their emotions
  - the crew working hard at doing what it takes to make an excellent film
  - the whole unit shooting against unusual backgrounds
  - actors undergoing makeup or wardrobe changes, or simply relaxing
  - the interplay between director and cast as they rehearse scenes
  - the intensity on the set to get the job done
  - the spontaneous, funny moments on set
  - anything and everything that is visually interesting


When I succeed, the studio will have a solid body of work to draw from for a variety of purposes, including:

  - enhancing distribution deals
  - planning advertising campaigns
  - attracting free publicity in the form of covers and layouts in major publications


Contact me for unit stills production photography services, and I will be pleased to discuss your needs with you, and learn how I can accurately represent your story.

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