"Photographers deal in things which are continually vanishing and when they have vanished, there is no contrivance on earth which can make them come back again."

~ Henri Cartier-Bresson (1908 – 2004)


I'm a Toronto-based photographer, who began as a general photographer, then a Concert Photographer, and now in the world of motion pictures -- Film and Television -- as an On-Set Unit Stills Photographer. I create high-quality still photographs to meet the promotional, marketing and advertising needs of filmmakers, show-runners and producers (and their distributors) while still remaining true to their stories. Productions include Feature films, Short films, and Television and Web series (scripted and unscripted).

My job is to create images that generate and cultivate the curiosity of the public -- to have them want to see your story come to life, or even build enough interest and secure funding or investments for your production from the right parties. The images are used for any promotional or marketing collateral including posters, press kits, websites, blogs or even pitch decks for presentations.

You, as the department head of a production, would already have a million things to be concerned with, and your mind must be clear to focus on those things. I am there to eliminate your concerns, creating the compelling images you will need. When you give me a task, it should disappear completely from your brain while working because you will know that I am 100% dedicated to completing it. My designer's eye with experience in the marketing and advertising industry will also aid in completing this task with confidence.

Unit Production Stills
I shoot stills during the actual filming of a scene. I can sit next to, or as close as I can, to the movie camera and do my best to match the shooting angle and the lens focal length. I want to capture what the film camera sees. I also shoot from other angles for different perspectives. Stills cameras provide higher quality for marketing purposes; much easier and faster than trying to grab many still frames from the motion picture camera (they have enough work to do!). Once I get what I feel are the best shots for a scene, I get out of the way and head to my workstation to review what I have for you.

I also take "the making of..." pictures of cast and crew hard at work, showing how the production was made, and also some fun, light-hearted moments of the teamwork.

All of these images have to be captured while being quiet on the set and not getting in anyone's way. Basically, I must be practically invisible. Having a dedicated photographer on-site for this task is critically important too -- whether it’s capturing key moments from that show-stopping scene, moments with the crew, or setting up shots for posters and other marketing materials.

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When I started this area of photography, I’d even built myself two camera blimps (which keep the cameras silent during shoots) -- and successfully used them for three years -- before having the professional-level blimps I use now. That is how very determined I was to succeed in this craft, to enjoy the progression while producing the best images possible to help you publicize and market your vision.

I welcome any comments or questions. Thank you for visiting.


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