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CREDITS -- Film & Television

(as Main Unit Photographer)

HALLOWEEN: REFLECTIONS  (Web/TV Series) | Horror ~ (2017)
Producers: Jason Costa; Natalie Dale
Director: Jason Costa
Companies: Deadly Geek Productions  |  Daley Dose Films

DONORS  (Web/TV Series) | Comedy ~ (2017)
Producer: Emily Niedoba
Director: Emma Jean Sutherland
Company: Donors Entertainment

PENNY  (Short) | Drama ~ (2017)
Producers: Robert Misovic; Alejandro Garcia; Andjelika Javorina; Ruslan Mazan
Director: Robert Misovic
Company: Pensare Films

BUTTER  (Short) | Drama ~ (2017)
Producers: Chris Violette; Natalie Dale
Director: Chris Violette
Companies: CSV Entertainment  |  Daley Dose Films

ANNA  (Short) | Drama | Thriller ~ (2017)
Producers: Natalie Dale; Suzy Queen; Chris Violette
Director: Natalie Dale
Company: Daley Dose Films
* WINNER: Best Short Film, Best Young Director, Award of Recognition for Production Design ~ Five Continents International Film Festival (August, 2017)

ALLUREMENT  (Short) | Drama ~ (2017)
Producers: Robert Misovic; Andjelika Javorina; Hrant Yeritskinyan; Alisa Severina; Trish Young
Director: Robert Misovic
Company: Pensare Films

BAD LIFE CHOICES  (Short) | Drama ~ (2017)
Producers: Nick Wakeham, Robert Shapiro
Directors: Joe Kertes; Lorne Frohman
Company: Bad Life Choices Productions

LOVE AFTER DEATH  (Short) | Drama ~ (2017)
Executive Producers: Natalie Dale; Eli Weinstein
Producer: Natalie Dale
Director: Eli Weinstein
Company: Gingerbeard Productions

MY ROOMMATE'S AN ESCORT!  (Web/TV Series) | Comedy ~ (2016)
Executive Producers: David Carruthers; Joey Nixon
Producers: Trish Rainone; Katie Uhlmann; Julian Adderley
Director: Katie Uhlmann
Company: MRAE Productions
* Official Selection ~ T.O. Web Fest (2017)

DARK BROWN EYES  (Short) | Drama ~ (2016)
Executive Producer: Yasmin Bertew
Producers: Stephanie Baird; Madison Hayes
Director: Yasmin Bertew
Company: Dark Brown Eyes Productions

IRL: THE SERIES  (Web/TV Series) | Drama ~ (2016)
Producers: Kristina Esposito; Mariah Owen
Director: Bobby Del Rio
Companies: IRL Collective | KEME Productions
* Premiered on Bell Media FibeTV1 in Fall 2016
* WINNER: Best Web Series ~ Los Angeles Film Awards (January, 2017)

GNAWED OF APPROVAL  (Short) | Dark Comedy ~ (2015)
Producer: Chris Morsby
Director: Adrian Nguyen
Company: Aplomb Bomb Entertainment

LIKE A DRUG  (Short) | Drama ~ (2015)
Producers: Taylor Martin; Alex Cruz
Director: Taryn Jorgenson
Company: Martin House Productions

ALONE  (Short) | Drama ~ (2015)
Producer: Matthew Willson
Director: Bobby Del Rio
Companies: Alone Productions | Willson Entertainment Productions

SCHRÖDINGER'S CAT  (Short) | Crime | Drama ~ (2015)
Producer: Matthew Willson • Co-Producer: Stephanie Baird
Director: Bobby Del Rio
Companies: Schrödinger’s Cat Productions | Willson Entertainment Productions
* Official Selection ~ Hamilton Film Festival (2016)

PARTY TIME  (Short) | Comedy ~ (2015)
Producer: Brett Heard
Director: Kate Drummond
Company: The Incubator Studio

ADAMS TESTAMENT  (Feature) | Drama | Fantasy | Thriller ~ (2015)
Producers and Directors: Rafael Kalamat; Jason Barbeck
Company: RDG Entertainment (Reel Deal Guys)

POLITICS  (Short) | Drama | Romance ~ (2015)
Producer: Matthew Willson • Co-Producer: Stephanie Baird
Director: Bobby Del Rio
Companies: Politics Productions | Willson Entertainment Productions
* Official Selection ~ Toronto International Short Film Festival (2016)

RECALL  (Feature) | Crime | Drama | Thriller ~ (2015)
Producer: Michael James Regan
Director: Michael James Regan
Company: Backlash Pictures
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